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Top 10 best outings in the Salzburgerland

<i>The Salzburgerland is known for its beautiful nature. Deep valleys, beautiful mountain lakes and beautiful mountain peaks characterize the nature of the Salzburgerland. You can enjoy hiking, mountain biking and other activities here. We have selected a number of highlights for you!</i>
1. The waterfalls of the Krimml in Pinzgau
The Krimml waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in Europe. The highest waterfall is 38 meters high! You can find these waterfalls in the national park Hohe Tauern. This national park is located on the border of Tirol and the Salzburgerland. The waterfall descends in 3 stages. The waterfall Krimmler Ache plunges near the village of Krimml. From the village you can take a walk of 4 kilometres long. During this walk you will pass the 3 phases of the waterfall.
2. Hohensalzburg Castle
Festung Hohensalzburg is a completely walled stone castle. The castle has a length of 250 meters and a width of 150 meters. These dimensions make it one of the largest castles in Europe. This castle was built in the Middle Ages. The castle was built by order of a Prince Archbishop. The construction of the tower started in 1077 and was expanded with 4 towers in 1462. The castle consists of different wings, rooms and floors. You can think of the Powder Tower, a salt warehouse, the golden room and the cable car from 1592.
3. The largest ice cave in the world: Eisriesenwelt
The Eisriesenwelt is the largest ice cave in the world! The ice cave is about 42 kilometres long and is visited about 200,000 times a year. If you want to visit the ice cave, you will have to go up with the cable car. At a height of 1641 meters there is a large gaping hole, which is the entrance of the cave. You can take a guided tour of no less then 1 hour and 15 minutes. During the high season in summer the ice cave is visited so often, that every 6 minutes a new tour starts. It is forbidden to take photos or to make a video, because this can cause huge delays. During the tour you will come across all kinds of beautiful ice pieces in all shades of turquoise.

Good to know!
- At the entrance of the cave, you receive a lamp, so that you can see everything well on the way
- The ice cave is accessible to animals, but due to the number of stairs it is not advisable to bring them
- The ice cave is a monument and may only be visited under professional supervision
- Don’t forget to bring some warm clothes. Even during summer, the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius.
4. Kogel Mogel
Next to the mountain station of the Wildkogelbahn in Neukirchen is the Adventure park Kogel Mohel. Kogel Mogel is a park of 10.000 m². Children can climb and clamber here all day long. There are many different attractions, such as : a mega trampoline, Goliath swing, climbing nets, slides, tunnels, climbing walls, balance beams, moving stairs and a 24-meter-long zigzag course. Enough for the kids to enjoy themselves here. For the parents who prefer to see it from a distance, there is a mountain restaurant where you can have a snack and a drink. From this place you can keep a close eye on the children.
5. The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse
The road is 48 kilometres long and contains 36 hairpin bends. The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse connects the place Bruck an der Grossglocknerstrasse in Salzburgerland with Heiligenblut in Carinthia. The Hochtor mountain pass lies on the border of Carinthia and Salzburgerland. Here you drive through a tunnel. This tunnel is the highest point of the road and is no less than 2505 meters high. If you drive on this road, you will encounter several panorama platforms and information boards during the ride. At some of these places there is also a small playground for children to play. You will not only meet motorists on this road. In the summer there are a lot of motorcyclists and even cyclists to be found here. It can therefore be very busy in the summer.
6. Visit ‘the white gold of Salzburg’
Salt was mined in the salt mines in Hallein till 1989. You can reach the entrance of the mine by car via a steep road. This salt mine is the oldest of the world and goes up to 240 meters deep. There is not much information about the history of the mine. Archaeologists have found many kitchen utensils, metals, and graves. It is believed that the Celts lived there for a long time. You can do an excursion in the mine. At the start of the excursion everyone gets a white miner's suit. This is done because it is very humid in the mine. Because you are wearing a white miner's suit, you can protect your own clothes.

Did you know?! ‘Hall’ is an old word for salt and that is why the mine is called Hallein?
7. The Flying Fox XXL
Saalfelden Leogang is located near the town of Saalbach Hinterglemm. Here you can go mountain biking and hiking. Are you looking for a challenge? Then pay a visit to the Flying Fox XXL. The Flying Fox XXL is a zipline of approximately 1600 meters! With this zipline you hang a maximum of 143 meters above the ground and you can reach a speed of 130 km / h! You go down on your stomach in a special harness and have a beautiful view of this height!
8. House of nature in Salzburg
The Haus der Natur is completely devoted to nature and technology. You can find out everything about space travel here, you can take a journey through the human body, view skeletons of prehistoric animals and admire sharks in a giant aquarium. Children can do the best experiments in the technology department. Just like in space, you can float in a wind turbine and travel through the human body with Mozart's music.
9. Schloss Hellbrunn
Schloss Hellbrunn is a park consisting of an extensive garden with a small castle in the distance. The park is approximately 60 hectares and consists of several styles. Around the ponds in the park, you see a sleek French park and on the north side you see an English landscape park. In the park you will also find the largest playground in Salzburg. During the first 2 weeks of August there is a party called ‘Fest in Hellbrunn’ with mainly classical music.
10. The city Salzburg
Als je in het bezit bent van een SalzburgerLand Card, kun je bijna alle bezienswaardigheden gratis bezoeken en voor sommige bezienswaardigheden kun je de kaartjes met korting kopen.

Salzburg is the birthplace of the famous composer Mozart. In the entire city you see something from the composer. For example, in the theatres and his birth house, which is now a museum. The entire historic center of Salzburg is on the Unesco World Heritage list. You can shop for hours and enjoy the beautiful, narrow streets. If you have a SalzburgerLand Card, you can visit almost all sights for free and for some attractions you can buy the tickets at a discount.

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Do you want to know more about the Salzburgerland? Call with one of our colleagues of the Gustocamp office. Monday to Friday available by phone from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on telephone number +44 (0)1706438006, or send an e-mail to info@gustocamp.co.uk.
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