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Top 8 products for at the campsite

<i>Good weather is arriving and that means the summer holiday is about to start. Many people choose for a luxury camping holiday, also named Glamping. For those where camping is fairly new , we have made a list with 7 products that you need at the campsite.</i>
1. Sunscreen and oil
One of the most important things to bring if you go on summer holiday. Pay attention to the expiry date of the sunscreen, because it will lose its protection after this date. You can still use it but the factor will be lower. Make sure you continue to lubricate the sunscreen regularly. This also applies to people with a darker skin.

If you use water resistant or waterproof sunscreen, it means it will also protect you in the water. However it does not mean that it is still on your skin after swimming. You must continue to lubricate well after swimming.


Keep the sunscreen in the fridge, so the factor lasts longer

You can also choose to use solar oil. Solar oil not only ensures that you tan faster, but often also gives extra nutrition to your skin. There is also solar oil with a factor, which means you are still well protected against the harmful Uv-rays of the sun. Your skin will also shine from the solar oil!
2. Anti-insect spray and mosquito lamp
Also not entirely unimportant to take to the campsite is anti-insect spray. There are often many insects present on campsites, some of which can also sting. These are mainly mosquitos. If you want to relax and enjoy the nice weather on your terrace with something to eat and drink, make sure your terrace is equipped with lavender or lemon scents. Mosquitos are odor sensitive animals. You can buy many types of anti- insect remedies. You can think of a spray, crème or stick. Make sure that if you buy such spray of cream, that it contains DEET.

Furthermore there are mosquito lamps. The mosquitos get attracted by the bright Uv light and then they get killed by the voltage grid. The smaller devices have an integrated plug and can be placed on the socket.
3. After bite spray or crème against insect bites
If you have been stung or bitten by an insect , you can always apply an after bite spray or cream. Mosquito bites can itch enormously. This spray or cream can be bought at most pharmacies. You apply the after bite on and around the spot where you are punctured. Make sure it contains Aloë Vera, this cools the skin and takes the itch away.

Have you been bitten by a tick? Use always a special tick pen or tweezers to remove the tick. Pay attention! Read carefully how to remove it.

Have you been stung by a bee? Make sure that the sting is removed from the skin as quickly as possible with tweezers. Pay attention! If you do this with your fingers , chances are that you push the sting further into the skin. Make sure that you don’t squeeze the poison bag. Cool the sore spot with ice. Pay attention! Call for medical help as soon as you get an allergic reaction.

Have you been bitten by a jelly fish? Don’t wash it away with the salt sea water! Remove any remains of tentacles with a glove or tweezers. Next you can apply after bite on your skin. This can be the same cream as used for insect bites. Read the package carefully of the gel or cream is suitable for jelly fish bites. With a large jelly fish bite it is possible that you get headache, nausea or breathing problems. If this happens, visit directly a doctor. You may have an allergic reaction to the jellyfish bite. Often there is a doctor present at the campsite. Consult the reception or information point of the campsite for this.

4. Dry shampoo offers a solution
Do you want to freshen up quickly and is your hair greasy? Dry shampoo is a kind of powder in a spray form. You must shake the dry shampoo well before use. After shaking , spray the dry shampoo on your hair. Let it soak in and then brush your hair well. You will immediately notice that your hair feels and smells fresh. So you can postpone washing your hair for another day!
5. Aftersun crème or spray against a sunburned skin
It can happen that you are sunburned after a day at the beach. Off course this is not your intention if you lay all day in the sun, but unfortunately this often happens. Make sure that you apply after sun crème on all of the sunburned body parts. In almost all after sun products contain Aloë Vera. Aloë Vera ensures that the skin is cooled and it will lose the heat.

In case that you didn’t bring after sun with you, you can also use body lotion. As long as the ingredients are right , this also works fine. Make sure that it is a body lotion on water basis, this is often indicated as aqua. Very greasy products retain the heat in your skin and you naturally have to get rid of that as quickly as possible. That is certainly important in the first hours after the sunburn!
6. Cucumber peels against sunburn
In case you don’t have body lotion or some kind of cream you can use cucumber peels against sunburn. Take a tepid shower or bath to cool down your skin. And have a look in your fridge if you have a cucumber or some yoghurt. These 2 products also ensure that the skin is cooled.

If you have none of these products close by, you can always choose to use a pain killer. Take an aspirin or ibuprofen. This helps against the pain and it is anti-inflammatory.


If you are sunburned , it is recommended that you don’t walk in the full sun for a couple of days. Even when using a thick layer of sunscreen it’s the best to stay out of the sun. a white t-shirt doesn’t always help against burning. It is really the best to spend a day in the shadow. But also in the shadow you will need to apply sunscreen!
7. Freshen up with antibacterial hand gel
It is really nice to have such a gel at the campsite. If you are not near the sanitary building or a place with water, you can freshen up your hands with this antibacterial hand gel. All gels promise clean hands after use, but this is not the case with every gel. Some gels kill too little bacterial and are therefore useless. An antibacterial gel contains ethanol or propanol. These ingredients kill bacteria and viruses. If you want a good gel, it must contain at least 70% ethanol. Unless there is also propanol, than a smaller part of ethanol is fine.

Pay attention!

The better the product smells and the less it sticks, the greater the chance that it is not a good product!
8. UV-hairspray against damaged hair
Not only your skin has to be protected against the sun, but also your hair. It may sound a bit weird , but your hair can get damaged by the UV radiation. This is for example dehydration. If you have dyed your hair , it may discolour due to the sun. Off course you can’t apply sunscreen in your hair , there are special hair sprays available with UV – factor.

Pay attention that your hair doesn’t get too greasy of the spray. The labels often state that it does not make your hair greasy, but that is not always the case. If the hair spray is made on an oil basis, it is not surprising that it will make your hair slightly greasier. The oil in the spray is good for your hair. The oil-based hair sprays often ensure that you get extra nutrition for your hair, so that it still looks healthy despite the many UV rays.

Sun holiday in Italy?

Do you want to enjoy a sunny holiday in Italy? Search for your favourite vacation date and check which offers are available with Gustocamp. Off course you can send us an e-mail or call us for advice on +44 (0)1706438006 or info@gustocamp.co.uk.
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