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Our top 10 reasons for a holiday in Italy

<i>The reason why to go on a holiday is different for everyone. For example stress and workload, being able to spend little time with your family or just want to relax at the beach with your favourite book, are all reasons to pay extra attention to this during your holiday. We have listed some of these reasons for going on holiday!</i>
1. Recover from stress and bustle
Most of the vacationers see their summer holiday as a well-deserved break. This is the holiday to relax and escape from daily life. Recover from daily tensions and refuelling some physical and mental energy. During your holiday you often turn off your phone, your mind goes into relax mode and you sleep every day as long as you can. There are no appointments and obligations. Many families have the mentality nothing has to be done and everything is possible. During a holiday everyone goes to bed later then they normally do at home. Don’t feel guilty if you stay an hour longer in bed in the morning. This ensures you that you are ready for a fresh start in your daily rhythm at the end of your holiday.
2. Enjoy the delicious food of Italy
Everywhere you look and at every street corner you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in Italy. You can choose between delicious pizzas and pasta. Italians are the biggest pasta eaters in the world! They eat around 28 kilos pasta per person per year! Next to the well-known pastas such as spaghetti and macaroni there are 200-300 types. Besides the many different pasta types there are also many types of pizza to enjoy. In addition you can also choose for an antipasti. The way Italians eat is slightly different than ours. In the morning they eat a small and quick breakfast. Often this is an espresso, croissant and then they can start their day. In the afternoon there is a warm meal during the siesta. This lunch consists of: first the antipasti. There are all kinds of antipasti , you can think of different cheeses, meat, bread and olives. A ‘primi’ is followed by a ‘secondi’. This is mostly a fish or meat dish. After all these courses comes the ‘dolci’, sweet desserts. In the evening there is a light dinner with a soup, salad or leftovers from the lunch.
3. Enough entertainment for children
Campsites are often aimed at families with children. There is enough to do when it comes down to entertainment. You can think off a bouncer, slides, play areas, animation programs, swimming pools and even small roller coasters at some campsites. Everyday there are plenty activities organised by the animation team. From the children’s club in the morning till the foam party in the evening. These different activities are intended for different age groups.
4. Time for and with your family
In daily life you often have to hurry to bring or pick-up everyone. Bringing children to school, working, pick up the children from school, buying groceries, cooking dinner, helping your children to get ready for their sport, it is all part of daily life.
5. Relax at the beach or near the swimming pool with nice weather
It is scientifically proven that you sometimes need to go to the beach to reduce your stress level. This also triggers your creative mind and clears your head. What is better than relaxing at the beach and the children playing at the beach or in the swimming pool. It is the ideal combination!
6. Discover the culture in historical cities
Strolling around a beautiful and historical city should not be missing during your holiday in Italy. There are many historical cities which you can visit in Italy. You can choose for a big city with plenty sightseeing for the whole day or to visit a small village in the morning. In Italy it is common to have a siesta at noon. During this siesta most of the shops and restaurants are closed.
7. Enjoy the surrounding by acquiring new impressions
When you are at a campsite, there is nothing better than to explore the surrounding. Not only you can visit historical cities but you can also visit a local market, make a tour by bike or enjoy an Italian wine on a terrace in the sun.
8. Getting to know new people
On holiday you get to know many new people. Friendly neighbours or because of the children making new friends around the swimming pool or during activities of the animation team.
9. Getting a nice tan
A lot of people go on holiday to get a nice tan. The ultimate goal is to come home with a smooth brown skin. It is really important to apply sun cream regularly . It is a fable that you can’t get a nice tan if you use a sun cream with a high factor , for example 50. The factor of the sun cream has influence on the time that you can spend in the sun without getting sun burned. Applying the cream multiple times a day is of high importance if you spend a whole day at the beach or near the swimming pool.
10. Lekker ontspannen en relaxen, gewoon omdat het kan!
On holiday you can spend the day however you like, without a rhythm or appointments. At home you are used to wake up early, bringing the children to school and to go to your work. Therefore it is nice to leave your phone home for a day in order to enjoy a relaxed holiday.
Do you want personal advice? Call with one of our employees of the Gustocamp office. Monday until Friday reachable by telephone from 9.00 until 17.00 at telephone number +44 (0)1706438006 or send an e-mail to info@gustocamp.co.uk.
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