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The 10 most beautiful villages on lake Garda

<i>Have you always wanted to go to lake Garda? We have made a list with the top 10 of best and most beautiful villages around lake Garda.</i>
1. Bardolino
Bardolino is mainly know because of the sparkling red wine of this region. On a warm summer day there is nothing better than a glass of Bardolino wine! If you want to learn more about the history of these wines , you can walk the wine route. It is situated in the back land of Bardolino and you will pass over 60 wine yards and wine cellars. During the tour you can also choose to taste and possibly buy a number of wines. If you like a particular wine, you can buy a bottle for home by one of the shops. The village of Bardolino is not that big, but it has a big centre. The biggest part of this centre is car free. You can find many restaurants and shops , which are opened till late in the evening, where you can enjoy a wine of the wine route.
2. Malcesine
Malcesine is known for the long cable car Monte Baldo. This cable cars only needs 10 minutes to climb 1700 metres to the top of the mountain. In total the mountain is 1800 meters high. You can climb these last 100 metres yourself , with a horse or mountain bike. If you are on the top of this mountain you will have a spectacular view over the lake Garda. By clear weather you can even see the stunning Dolomites. If you are a big fan of plants you have come to the right place. Dozens of beautiful plants grow wild in this place.
In the centre of Malcesine you can stroll through Medieval alleys or enjoy a typical Italian delicacies on one of the squares. And off course you practice many water sports in this waterfront village.
3. Riva del Garda
Riva del Garda is the most northern village on lake Garda. Riva del Garda has a different weather climate then the other villages around the lake, because it is situated in the north and it is more mountainous. Therefore the weather can be different all the times. The centre of Riva del Garda looks like a Swiss village. Most of the tourists here are Swiss or German. Especially for the sporty tourist it is a nice place to visit. During summer there are many cyclists and mountain bikers. Some just stop here to enjoy the nice weather with an Italian ice cream en others stay for a night. Not only in the village itself , but also on the water there is lots to do for everyone. With a ferry you can visit a village on the other side of the lake, you can rent a boat or you can take surf lessons at the surf school. A new trend which you can do on the water is off course supping.
4. San Felice del Benaco
San Felice del Benaco is situated on the south-west of lake Garda. Decades ago there were many wars en battles. Idyllic spots to enjoy the nice weather can be found at the foot of the ruins of the 14th century castle. The village is known of the green gardens and small streets. Nearby San Felice del Benaco you can make nice tours through the wine and olive yards, where farmers sell their local products. Every week there is a small market where, you can buy these local products.
5. Lazise
Lazise is a small but charming village where many fisher boats can be found. Fishing and agriculture used to be the main income of the inhabitants, but nowadays tourism is the main source of income of Lazise. Therefore many hotels, apartments, campsites and holiday parks can be found here. Lazise conquers many hearts of tourists. The medieval character of Lazise is still visible. Visit the small harbour, ancient church or look at the small part of the Medieval wall. For the ones that search for sports and action, there are many water sports to do. And just outside Lazise , some amusement parks can be found.
6. Manerba del Garda
Manerba del Garda is a small , hilly and green village in the sheltered bay of Manerba. At the end of the 16th century a big robber gang took over the castle above the village on Rocca di Manerba. They used the castle as a base and completely destroyed it at the time. Nowadays you can walk here and have a stunning view all over lake Garda. The beautiful nature of Manerba also offers the possibility to mountain bike, make a boat trip of to practice a water sport. In Manerba there are some really good restaurants where they use local specialties such as fish from the lake, olive oil from local olives, truffles and wine. During summer many festivals, evening markets and other events are being organised.
7. Salò
Salò is a picturesque village in the shelter of a quiet bay with an interesting history. Between 1943 and 1945 Salò became the head quarter of a fascist government of the Italian social republic. Traces of history can still be found everywhere. In 1991 the village was hit by a heavy earthquake, which damaged a big part of the historic centre. The centre is renovated and a boulevard had been build. Every year there is a violin festival in the centre to honour Gasparo da Salò. He was a resident of the village , who is thought of to be the inventor of the violin.
8. Peschiera del Garda
Peschiera del Garda has a city wall that dates from the Middle ages. The walls were used by soldiers from North-Italy. Nowadays the walls only have a historical role. If you make a walk on the wall, you will see the most beautiful places. On the shore of lake Garda there is a big harbour with lots to see and discover. Along lake Garda you can find both sandy beaches as well as pebble beaches. Most of these beaches can be accessed freely. From Peschiera you can make nice boat trips over the lake. You can rent a boat or you can sail with your own boat.
9. Sirmione
Sirmione is also named the pearl of lake Garda. Sirmione is known for its healing springs. The first spa opened is 1900. The sulfur containing water comes from the Fond Bala spring. This spring is located 18 meters below water surface. The springs caused an early development of tourism. Sirmione is located on a peninsula on the south side of lake Garda. One of the most famous sights is the castle of Sirmione. This castle is built around the 13th and 14th century and is one of the most important forts around lake Garda. From the top of the castle you have a wonderful view of the ruins of the Roman villa on the most northern part of the peninsula.
10. Desenzano
Desenzano heeft een lange promenade vol met leuke barretjes en restaurantjes. Ook bevinden zich in de stad tientallen discotheken. In de discotheken komen niet alleen toeristen, maar ook de Noord-Italianen die daar uit de buurt komen.

Desenzano has 27000 inhabitants and is therefore the biggest city on lake Garda. Those who enjoy shopping will find many different stores here. You can find art, gift shops, designer stores or nice boutiques. The city also has a big harbour. This is among other things the home port of the company that maintains the ferry services on Lake Garda. Once a month an antique market is being organised in Desenzano, which is visited by many tourists. In addition to the nice market and all the different shops, Desenzano is also known for its nightlife. Desenzano has a long promenade full with nice bars and restaurants. Moreover there are dozens of discos. Not only tourists come to the discos, but also the northern Italians from the region.
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