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Top 10 most beautiful cities on the Adriatico

<i>Are you looking for cultural trips during your holiday? There are many cities and villages on the Adriatic coast. These historical cities are worth a visit. We have made a top 10 with the nicest Italian cities on the Adriatic coast!</i>
1. Tourist attraction Venice
Every year approximately 20 million tourists come to Venice to admire the city. You can discover the city in different ways. You could choose for a boat trip along a lot of beautiful spots. You sail under the well-known bridges such as Ponte di Rialte, Ponte dei Sosporo ( bridge of sighs) and impressive palaces. The most famous square in Venice is the piazza San Marco. It is part of the Unesco world heritage list. Despite this fact it is the question how the square will look in future. According to several measurements , it appears that the square has to contend with the rising sea level. In fall and winter it sometimes happens that the square it partly under water due to a high tide.
2. With the boat to the beautiful islands Murano, Burano en Torcello
When you are tired of strolling through the city, a wonderful boat trip to the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello is a nice change. Murano is the island of glassblowers. Since the 12th and 13th century blowers from the famous Venetian glass are living here. In different shops in the centre products of these glassblowers are for sale.

At Burano you will find narrow streets, right on the quay where you will sail in the village. Enjoy the bright coloured houses along the waterfront. The fisherman who live in these houses have painted them in bright colours , so that they still could find their way back when it was foggy on the boat trip home. In the restaurants on the small islands you can enjoy the freshly caught fish and fresh pasta.

Torcello is much greener compared to the other 2 islands. At this island there are only 20 inhabitants. During summer months these people are joined by the staff of the restaurants that reside on this island. There are a few small hiking trails to discover the island. On the island there is a church with tower that you can climb. When you are on the top you can see Murano and Burano in the distance. A spectacular view!
3. The rich history of Padua
Padua is mostly known because of its old university. The foundation of the university in 1222 was of great importance for the city. The famous scientists Galileo Galilei and Newton have always taught here. The name plates of the scientists still show off on the walls of the Palazzo del Bo courtyard. You can find several beautiful palaces in the city , off which Palazzo della Ragione is the most spectacular one because of the special wall paintings. The construction of this palace took no less than 100 years. The biggest feature of the Palazzo della Ragione are the ceiling paintings. These are made by Giotto di Bondone. A lot of his paintings have been lost due to a roof that collapsed in the 18th century.
4. Culture in Bologna
There are plenty of sights to visit in Bologna. You can alternate this with a relaxing afternoon in one of the many parks of the city. The bus and train connections to and from the city are well arranged. You can find beautiful churches in the historical centre. In total there is more 40 kilometres of portico’s in the city. During summer these are protecting against the hot sun. Furthermore there a few museums which are worth a visit. In this city you will see quit some street art. This all started during the Arte di Frontiera exhibition in the year 1984. The last couple of years street art has become really popular.

Tip! Make a Bologna cycling tour through the modern part of the city, street art and fantastic wall paintings.
5. Treviso, also called small Venice
Hundreds of years ago Treviso was known as a small fishing village, while nowadays it has grown into small Venice. The historical centre of Treviso is surrounded by medieval walls and forts. Here the 2 rivers Kania and Silas cross each other. In the district Vicolo Molinette you can walk through a big park and visit a beautiful old mill which still works today.

Did you know that Treviso is het home base for the famous clothing chains Lotto Sport Italia and Benetton?
6. Shopping in the mall of Lido di Jesolo
There is a big shopping mall in Lido di Jesolo. Here you can find a new summer outfit or nice bikini. The most important attraction in Lido di Jesolo is het beach. It is around 16 kilometers long and the center of the village. On the east side of Lido di Jesolo you can find an area with beautiful green hiking trails. There is also a nice aquarium ( Sea life) with tropical fishes and special sea animals in Jesolo.
7. Vicenza, less famous, but certaintly not less beautiful
Vicenza is the city of Andrea Palladio (1508 - 1580). He was a bricklayer by profession and became the most influential architect of his time. In and around the city there are a lot of buildings which he made. His style is known as Palladianism. This style, characterized by simplicity and harmony, spread to England and other European countries.
8. The cycle friendly city Ferrara
There is a friendly atmosphere in the city of Ferrara. The area is mainly green which makes it ideal for children to explore the city by bike. You will see many cyclists in and around the city. After Amsterdam, Ferrara has the most bicycles per inhabitant. The centre is almost completely car free. On the edge of Ferrara is a dilapidated villa with a large park-like garden. In the centre of Ferrara you can get something special when you order coffee. Ferrara is known of the coppia. This is a white bun with a button in the middle and four protruding horns. It looks a bit like a crab, but according to the barista those horns must represent the legs of a man and a woman who have become entangled, hence the name coppia.
9. The historical centre of Ravenna
Ravenna is not the first city to come in mind if you are thinking of Italy. However this is one of the most beautiful cities of the country.

In the city you will find unbelievably beautiful mosaic pieces. The historical centre of Ravenna has a lot of these pieces. The Byzantine mosaic pieces are therefore on the UNESCO World Heritage List! Every week there is a small fruit and vegetable market on Ravenna’s most famous square Piazza del Popolo.
10. Fishing village Caorle
Caorle is a real fishing village. In the old and care free part of Caorle you find the traditional fishing port. In the old centre you will see mainly pastel coloured houses and many streets and squares. The fish caught by the local fishermen are sold at the local market in Duna Verde and in the restaurants. In Caorle there are also long beaches. You can see the large clock tower from every point in the city. You reference point to the centre.
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