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Top 10 best sport activities at the campsite

<i>What is more fun than playing games and have a good time with the whole family at the campsite? Not only for children, but also as a family these games are fun to practice at the campsite. We have put the top 10 in a list for you! </i>
1. Popular camping sport : Badminton
Badminton is one of the most popular camping sports. You can play badminton with a minimum of 2 persons, but playing with more persons is also possible. You can bring the rackets and shuttle from home , but at most campsites you can also buy it in store. You can organise a competition by counting the number of times you hit the shuttle. Every day you can try to improve your personal high score. Try to pick a good moment during the day, because if there is too much wind, it’s difficult to hit the shuttle right.
2. Beach volleyball with your feet in the sand
Do you want to be active with your feet in the sand? Then beach volleyball is the perfect activity for you! A volleyball net is available on most sandy beaches. It looks like an easy sport to practice, but the sand makes running harder. Off course this is good for a full body work out! Don’t forget to bring a beach volleyball if you go to the campsite. In case you forget to take the beach volleyball from home, you probably can buy it in store.
3. Tennis balls in your suitcase
Do you love to play tennis? Bring your own rackets and tennis balls in your suitcase. At many campsites there is a tennis court where you can play. Did you just start playing tennis? At some campsites you can follow a tennis lesson. Play a game 1 against 1 or 2 against 2, challenge someone from your family or neighbour for a game or start a competition with the whole street. In any case this will give a relaxed and cozy holiday atmosphere.
4. Table tennis at the campsite
At almost every campsite you can find a table tennis table. You can play competitions during your holidays. You can play 1 against 1 or 2 against 2, but if there are more players you can also play ‘around the table’. With this game you run from one side of the table towards the other side behind your predecessor. The first person to make a mistake has to leave the round. This means that fewer and fewer people remain standing , until only 2 persons are left. The last 2 remaining players compete against each other, resulting in 1 winner.
5. The balls close together : Jeu de boules
Jeu de boules can be played at the grass and sand. You play the game by throwing a small ball a few meters away. When the small ball is thrown, you are supposed to get the boules balls as close to the small ball as possible. You can play this game 1 against 1, but also with several against each other. Every jeu de boules ball has its own characteristic. One set has different colours and the other has a different number of lines on the balls.
6. Campings with: midgetgolf
Most campsites have a midgetgolf course which is fun for the whole family. This sport is known by many people and during the holidays it’s one of the most practiced family activities. In this game you have to keep and write down your own score. At the end of the game the result can be calculated by counting whoever has the least number of strokes. All courses have a different level of difficulty. Some courses have obstacles which are almost impossible. But the harder it gets, the higher the fun and fanaticism.
7. Nerf /water gun fight
Since a couple of years the nerf pistols have been back. They are very popular to play with at some campsites. You can do a Nerf fight in a certain area. When you start a game, everyone lay down their weapons. Each player can choose a weapon in his or her turn. It’s possible to choose a captain per team, but it isn’t necessary. Every team has a part of the play field. Set a time for both teams to prepare the fight and determine the tactics. Once the fight begins, each player must do what he or she is equipped for. You can play this game with both nerf weapons as water guns.
8. Football with bottles at the campsite
Playing football with bottles is a sport you can play 1 against 1 , but also with a big group. Make sure everyone has a PET (soda) bottle , which can be filled with water. If all bottles are placed in a certain area and everyone is ready the ball can be thrown into the field. The aim of the game is to shift each other’s bottles with the football. If a bottle is hit and falls down you need the chase the ball as quick as possible. If you catch the ball you run back to your bottle to put it back up. Where you not on time and did your bottle run empty? Then you’re out of the game. When 1 player remains , you can refill the bottles and start a new game.
9. Animation sport tournament
Fitness rooms, basketball , volleyball and basketball field, tennis courts it’s all there. All campsites have at least one of the sport terrains. You can’t even think of it and it is present. Often a sport tournament is held at one of these field by the animation team of the campsite. You can find the animation program at the reception of information centre.
10. Croquet at the campsite
Vintage and retro are popular again, time to play this fantastic game. Croquet is developed in the seventies and thus exist for a while. The best thing is to play croquet at grass. The aim is simple: try to get the ball through all gates in as few strokes as possible. You can make your own course and determine the difficulty level. Each person gets his/her own stick and colour ball to get the ball through the gates. Determine the order of play based on a draw or the age of the players. Then you’re ready to play. Is the ball through the gate? Then you can hit it again. Did you hit the ball through two gates simultaneously? Then you even get two extra attempts. You may continue till you fail an attempt. Did not succeed? The it’s the turn of the next player. Hit the gates in the right order , otherwise your attempt doesn’t count.
There is plenty of choice! We have put the best sport and game activities in a top 10 for you. Do you want more information about the sport activities and animation program at one of our campsites? Call with one of our employees at telephone number +44(0)1706438006 or send an e-mail to info@gustocamp.co.uk.
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