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Our top 10 best sights in Styria

<i> Styria is known as ‘’the green hart of Austria’, but what can you do in this region? Check here our top 10!</i>
1. Visit the Red Bull ring
The circuit in Austria was founded in 1969. The circuit has a length of 6 kilometres and consists of 6 right and 2 left turns. The track is known as a record circuit, but nevertheless it has not always been on the Formula 1 program. Almost all speeds records were broken here. The high speeds led to the end of the racetrack. After 2 serious accidents in 1987 , there was so damaged that the track could not be used for a long time. In 1997 the track was used as a racing circuit for the first time since 1987. The track has been made a lot shorter and the safety features have been improved. The circuit was in use till 2003. In this year it became known that the track had been struggling with financial problems for some time. In 2007 the owner of Red Bull bought the circuit and together with other investors the track is improved. Since then, the track has been called the Red Bull ring. The track is still used as a racing circuit to this day.
2. Günster waterfalls
The Günster waterfalls flow into the Prebersee. This is one of the few lakes in the Alps , where the water is so clear that it contains shrimps.

Tip! You can make a beautiful hike around the Prebersee.
3. The Erzberg mine
The Erzberg is an active mine, where ore has been mined for over 1,300 years. The mine is visited by people from all over the world. The mine consists of a huge staircase of 36 steps, each step of which is more than 24 meters high. The Erzberg is therefore also the largest mine in Central Europe. When you are close by , the mine is worth a visit. During your visit you can not only admire the outside but also the inside of the mine. You don't have to worry about walking all the steps. You can take a ride on the Hauly. This big taxi will take you up in an hour.

Did you know?! This mine has already produced more than 12 million tons of ore?
4. The inner city of Graz
All sights of the city of Graz are located in the inner city. You can explore the city on foot, but due to its size, we recommend taking the tram. There are many historic buildings in Graz, including the beautiful Landhaus. The Landhaus was built in 1531 by the Italian architect Domenico dell'Allio. The Landhaus can be recognized by the Renaissance style with the white walls and gold-colored bushes.
5. Playing golf in Styria
There are around 26 golfclubs in Styria where you can play golf. Due to the mild climate , you can already play golf in early spring when the snow has disappeared. Golfclub Murau-Kreischberg has 18 holes. This golf course is located at the foot of the Kreischberg, just outside the town of Murau. There are 2 different courses you can play. 1 course is only for men and the other course is only for women. The track for the men is about 6,000 meters and the track for the women is about 5,000 meters. Golfclub Mariahof is located about 20 kilometres from the town of Murau. This course also has 18 holes and it slightly larger than the course on the Kreischberg. In both golf club houses you can enjoy a nice refreshing drink after a game of golf.
6. Thermal baths in Steiermark
One of the oldest spa towns in Styria is Bad Gleichenberg. Since Roman times, this spa has been used to relax. At that time, they already made use of the beneficial effects of the springs in Bad Gleichenberg. In this spa you have the opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity that prevails both inside and outside.

Did you know?! Styria has 9 different thermal baths.
7. The Bärenschütz- gorge
Here you can take a beautiful walk of 1.4 km over all kinds of stairs and wooden bridges. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and rugged rocks. The Bärenschützklamm is one of the longest and most beautiful gorges in Austria. 350 vertical meters are overcome over a length of 1,300 meters. The first part of the climb you can make was set up in 1901. The gorge has about 109 bridges and 51 hiking trails that lead you through the gorge.

Did you know?! The Bärenschützklamm has been declared a natural monument in 1978?!
8. Dachstein, 'highlight' of Styria
Dachstein is the highest mountain of Styria with an altitude of 2700 meters. You can take a panoramic gondola to the highest peak of the mountain. The panorama gondola consists entirely of glass, giving you a 360-degree view of the mountain peaks. The "Skywalk" is located close to the mountain station. This is a glass panoramic platform above the Hunerkogel, nicknamed the Balcony of the Alps. The glass plate on the panoramic platform is approximately 250 meters above the ground. The Skywalk is a hanging bridge with the "stairs to nothing" at one end. From the stairs you come to a platform with breathtakingly beautiful views.
9. The summer toboggan run Nocky Flitzer
The Alpine roller coaster Nocky Flitzer is about 1.6 kilometers long and starts at an altitude of 2,000 meters. In both summer and winter, you can descend the route with waves, jumps and 3 "roundabouts". Children from 3 years old can join under supervision.
10. Märchenwald Styria
You can find around 30 different fairy tales and attractions in the Märchenwald. There is, among other things, a four-lane giant slide, a giant trampoline, and a fun park. At the entrance of the park, you can greet the mascot Mauli. In the park you can choose whether you go to the attractions or to the fairy tale forest. There is something to do for all ages!
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