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15 games while being on the road!

<i>If you go on holiday by car, some children already get bored as soon as you drive on the highway. Mum, Dad, how long do we still have to drive ‘’ or ‘’ is it taking a long time?’’ and I’m bored!’’ sentences that probably will be recognizable. You can easily prevent this by playing simple games. </i>
1. Who am I?
Everyone knows this game of the game where you can get a kind of holder to your head where you can add a ticket. At these carts there are for example items or animals written. You don’t need these holders in the car, while playing it turn by turn. Take a person, item or animal in your thoughts. The other persons have to guess what you are thinking of by asking questions. You can only ask a question that can be responded by a Yes or a No. The first person who has guessed the item, person or animal wins the game. Now it’s the turn of the winner to take something in mind.
2. I see I see what you don’t see
This game doesn’t need further explanation, because everyone is aware of the game rules. You can play this game with as much players as you like. 1 person takes something in mind and says: ‘’ I see I see what you don’t see and it is (for example) green’’. Next the other players can guess what it is. The person who first guesses it right may come up with something new in mind.
3. The Math game
With this game you don’t only keep your children entertained, but it’s also educational by learning how to count. The aim of the game is that you start a new sum with the outcome of a sum. For example you can start with 5+4 = 9, de next person starts with 9+ … and so on. In a playful way you can even teach them the tables that they may have trouble with at school.
4. Collect as many country codes from license plates as possible
At every license plate there is a country code with the origin of the car. The Netherlands is NL, Germany D and Belgium B. You can start a game by writing these country codes down. On you way to Italy, where you have to drive many kilometres, you will see many different nationalities. You can play this together with your children, they can try to guess the county codes, and if it is a bit too difficult you can help them a bit off course.
5. Words snake with animals
You can make a long snake of words. It can be played with as many players as you want. For example, the first person starts with rabbit, the second person has to think of an animal with the letter T. For instance Tiger, the next person says an animal with the letter R and so you can continue until you have mentioned the entire zoo.
6. No yes , uh or no / the forbidden game!
Answer questions by avoiding the forbidden words. You can think of the forbidden words yourself. This could be ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘uh’, but you can use any word. If you agreed on the forbidden words you can start a conversation about any subject you want. This allows you to have the most fun conversations, because you or your child tries to avoid that particular word.
7. What would you rather do? Dilemmas
You can play this game , when , where and with whom you want. A good example of this is the backseat of your car. Consider a dilemma turn by turn from which the others have to choose. Would you rather have a tarantula or scorpions as a pet? Or would you rather have fingers as toes or toes as fingers? You can think of any subject. The crazier the better!
8. Bingo with license plates
The best thing is to prepare this game at home. You can download different bingo cards from the internet which you can use. It is also useful to bring some pens and pencils to play this game. When everyone , except off course the driver, has a card and pen the game is about to begin. For the numbers 1 till 9 there is a o, for example 01, 02, 03. The player who has all the numbers as first calls ‘Bingo’ and has won. You can choose to take some small prices for the winner.
9. Grocery shop game
This mind game is fun to play with all persons in the car. Even the driver can participate in this game. Someone start with the letter A en mentions a grocery shop product which starts with this letter. The next person thinks of a word with the letter B. This player first mentions the previous products and adds one , and so you continue. The last person to be able to list all products has won the game. Off course you can play this game with different themes such as sports ,animals or place names.
10. I am going on a journey and am I taking with me
Everyone is familiar with this game. You start with ‘’ I am going on a journey and am I taking with me’’ and you start with swimming trunks for example. The next person complements this with a beach towel and the one afterwards complements this with slippers. You can think of everything that you can take on holiday and you will be amazed how many things you can take on a holiday. This is a good game to test everyone’s memory.
11. Unfortunately – fortunately game
You can always turn something negative into something positive! You can also pass this on to your children by playing this game. One person has to come up with a negative sentence and the other person turn this sentence into something positive. For example: ‘Unfortunately this car trip to Italy takes a long time’, the other person can respond with ‘’fortunately the weather is much nicer then in Great Britain!’’ You can do this with any subject such as school, sport or holidays.
12. Create crazy words with license plates
You can create anything with the letters of a license plate. You can choose, for example, to invent first and last names with the letters of a license plate. Furthermore you can combine this with the numbers on the licence plates. For instance make a sentence with the name you came up with together with the numbers that are also on the license plate.
13. Rent a room
For this game you need a pen and graph paper. The aim of the game is to rent more rooms then your opponent. The paper is full of dots or diamonds. You must connect these by means of a line, each player adds 1 line per turn. If you can close a box , you have rented a room and you may add your initial in the box. The person who has rented the most rooms at the end of the games, wins!
14. Guess the song!
One by one you can hum a song. The other players have to guess the song. You can do different rounds with different categories. The first person to guess the song, may come up with a new song and hum it.
15. Hangman
Hangman is a paper and pencil guessing game for two or more players. One player thinks of a word, phrase or sentence and the other(s) tries to guess it by suggesting letters or numbers, within a certain number of guesses. If the suggested letter does not occur in the word, the other player draws one element of a hanged man stick figure as a tally mark. You will lose the game if you see a hanged man and wins when you guess the right word.
Did you pick your favourite games for on the road?
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