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<i>Let the fun begin! Have you booked your Gustocamp holiday in Italy? Simply download the Holli app to discover not only the local information from the area, but the best experiences in their surroundings. There is also all the information relevant to the campsite, plus your daily weather forecast.</i>
On the campsite:
Find out exactly which facilities are featured on each campsite, thanks to the direct collaboration between Holli and the campsite itself.
Whether you are curious as to what is included in the campsite animation programme? Where these activities will take place, or simply where to locate the animation office to subscribe, everything is detailed on this app. On certain campsites it is even possible to subscribe to the individual activities using the Holli – app.

Holli is the answer to all your questions:
At what time will the Reception open? Is there a cashpoint machine on the campsite ? Which restaurants are there, and what are their specialties ? Where are the shops and more importantly which type of shops are there? Is there a hairdresser?
You’ll find also all relevant information about the pools, playgrounds, wellness, sport facilities, rental services and other facilities. A very useful tool to download, prior to the departure of your holiday, to ensure you are well prepared and will be able to make the best of your holiday.
In the area:
Naturally you will want to venture out and explore the area during your holiday. The Holli-App offers you the latest suggestions for what’s on, where to go, and all the fantastic offers and discounts available for almost all activities. It’s both easy and economical.
Rent a boot ? Gondola ride in Venice ? Vespa tour through the prosecco Hills? Or would you like to spend the day at a Theme/ Aqua Park ?

Check the agenda to plan what the forthcoming days have to offer, select a category or simply search on the map book your activity, receiving the tickets directly through the app.
Download the Holli app now, and don’t miss out on the fun, during your next trip to a summer location, and not only, the app includes many fantastic cities throughout Europe. Check out the best offers wherever you travel!
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