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You can enjoy again a delicious pizza!

<i>Your booked campsite is reopening her doors! Also, the borders of Italy and Austria are open since 15th of June. Finally, it is possible to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and the specialties of your holiday country. Maybe you have some questions? Or you may be curious what you can expect for your holiday? We have listed the frequently asked questions.</i>
Do I have to wear a face mask?
The rules for wearing a face mask are becoming less strict in all regions of Italy. It is only obligatory in closed areas such as the supermarket and pharmacy. And at also in the public transport. It is not needed to wear a face mask outside in the fresh air, so also not on the campsite or beaches.

Are there Gustocamp representatives at the campsite?
Also, this year you will be welcomed by our Gustocamp representatives at your campsite. The check-in will be more efficient then you are used from us. We kindly ask you to call our representatives instead of coming to the reception hour. This to avoid that there are to many people at our reception. Off course we will also come by to answer your questions, but with sufficient distance. In other words, our service remains the same, with some small modifications.

How does the check-in at the campsite look like?
At most campsites, the check-in of the campsite will be digital. If this is case for your campsite, we will contact you before arrival. For the Gustocamp reception it looks like this:

Use a disinfectant hand gel before and after your check-in at the Gustocamp reception
Our employees will not shake hands with on arrival this year, but off course you will be welcomed warmly and friendly.
If you wish that our employees wear a face mask, they will put it on
The check-in is outside at the terrace of the Gustocamp reception. Keep a minimum distance of 1,5 meter and wear a face mask if desired
Only the main booker can check-in, we request that the rest of the family will stay in or near your car. When it rains, the check in will take place on the veranda of your mobile home.
If you pay the deposit, you can put it in a plastic envelope, so that the risk of contamination is minimal. You will receive this back in the plastic envelope at checkout.

It is possible to check-in earlier?
The local authorities have ordered to clean our accommodations extra. This means that the cleaning staff needs more time to clean the mobile homes. It may occur that you must wait a bit longer than normal at arrival. We therefore request you do not arrive too early this year but keep in mind the check -in time from 4 pm. It goes without saying that we ensure your accommodation is a wonderful "home base" for you during your holiday.

Accommodation and cleaning
A professional cleaning company will clean and disinfect all mobile homes. Therefore, we have an obligatory cleaning for all mobile homes and all campsites this year. The cleaning fee must be paid at arrival with our Gustocamp representatives. (for Union Lido, Pra delle Torri , Marina di Venezia , Bella Italia the cleaning fee is already paid by booking). The prices for cleaning are:
€35,- For the bungalow tent
€50,- for the Sunset, Sunset Superior, Solare Deluxe, Lodge tent en Luxury Lodge
€60,- for the Lounge Deluxe, Lounge Deluxe XL, Superior Deluxe, Laguna Deluxe en Laguna Comfort

What to do if one of the family members has symptoms of COVID -19?
In the case that you or one of your family members gets one of the known symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, cold) you must report this by telephone to the Gustocamp representatives. They will inform the campsite and will follow a protocol which is set up with the nearest doctor’s post or hospital.

What if the holiday is cancelled by us?
If your holiday cannot continue, we will inform you as quick as possible.

Final balance
If you have not paid the final balance yet we request to transfer this to us (at the latest 42 days before arrival). As soon as we have received the final balance, we will send you the travel documents. If we do not receive the final balance in time, we will cancel your holiday. The already paid amount will not be transferred back to you.

Can I cancel the booking?
Do you have doubts or are you unable or unwilling to go on holiday? Then it is possible to cancel the reservation. In this case it is a cancellation at your own request. The deposit will be calculated as cancellation costs.

Can I rebook to 2021?
Did you pay the final balance of your booking of 2020? Then we can rebook you to 2021 for the same week, campsite, and price. You can change your booking for free till 1st November 2020.

Please let us know by e-mail if you have any questions after reading the information.

Please stay healthy,

Team Gustocamp
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